I have spent a lot of time in the deep jungle out of Pucallpa. And coming out of there in between my stays and after, I’ve been coming back to Aya-Ni community to use it as my integration space. The place, the living there is beautiful – being in a city but at the same time in the jungle-part of the city keeps you connected with the Nature and all its sounds day and night. They have a big garden and a beautiful beautiful community space with Hammocks, kitchen and artwork. The people are authentic, welcoming, very friendly and honestly open-hearted. They are very much experienced with different kinds of medicinal work as well. Whatever they do and offer is from the center of their pure heart, they don’t do it for the money, which is not so common to find in these days. The energy there js truly special.. Beautiful community of people sharing the same interests and intentions to grow our human potential of heart. I highly recommend it.