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Aya Ni is a rastafari term which points to the recognition that God lives in all beings in the universe, that all beings are ultimately one in the same. This recognition of the unity is the core ideal behind Aya Ni, we work to cultivate an environment which reflects our innate oneness with all that is.

Featured at Aya-Ni

Therapies at Aya-Ni

Kambo Ceremonies

Kambo ceremonies are provided to aid guests in their purification and preparation processes. At Aya Ni, we have years of experience working with kambo, and are happy to faciliate in kambo ceremonies.

Plant Saunas

Plant saunas are  a method of working with medicinal and shamanic plants by utilizing the vapours of boiling plant infusions.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We hold ayahuasca ceremonies here with local curanderos from the nearby communities. We also hold ceremonies ourselves for those who those who can’t afford to attend a ceremony with curanderos.

Tobacco Purge

A tobacco purge is a technique to purify both the physical body, and the energy body of toxins and negative energies.

What Guests Have To Say

{Wonderful group of loving people getting an amazing project going. Talented artists and inspiration is abundant as well as many committed students to the medicine of their Earth. A wonderful place to stay, I would highly recommend. Dominik will be able to help connect with you pretty much anything you need xo
Testimonial - Andrea
Un lugar maravilloso donde puedes trabajar profundamente en ti mismo.
Lugar tranquilo, rodeado de naturaleza, con zonas comunes y habitaciónes en las que disfrutar de tu intimidad.
Dominik y Ismael son personas maravillosas con mucha experiencia en plantas medicinales y que te transmiten su pasión, siempre dispuestos a ayudarte y compartir la medicina.
Creo que es el mejor lugar para hospedarse en Pucallpa!!
lo recomiendo 100%
Testimonial - Roberta

I have spent a lot of time in the deep jungle out of Pucallpa. And coming out of there in between my stays and after, I’ve been coming back to Aya-Ni community to use it as my integration space. The place, the living there is beautiful – being in a city but at the same time in the jungle-part of the city keeps you connected with the Nature and all its sounds day and night. They have a big garden and a beautiful beautiful community space with Hammocks, kitchen and artwork. The people are authentic, welcoming, very friendly and honestly open-hearted. They are very much experienced with different kinds of medicinal work as well. Whatever they do and offer is from the center of their pure heart, they don’t do it for the money, which is not so common to find in these days. The energy there js truly special.. Beautiful community of people sharing the same interests and intentions to grow our human potential of heart. I highly recommend it.

Facebook Review - Johanka

I am so greatful for the week I could spend in AyaNi in Pucalpa. I felt immediately at home. The space is simple and beautiful and welcoming. I met beautiful and interesting people. Its the perfect place to ground and relax while you travel through the jungles of Peru. It is in town, but still far enough to feel in nature, and in a quite and safe environment. Dominique and and Marco where beautiful, humble and generous hosts, that became friends. Deeply recommend this place. For sure its the best place to stay you will find in Pucalpa. Hope to be back soon!

Facebook Review - Tair